Official Firebase & Community Updates!

Official Product Updates

Official Firebase & Community Updates!

State of Firebase 2020

💻 Works a dream!

Hello Heron my old friend

Previous Ubuntu & Hardware Posts

💬 Cloud Next & Google I/O 2019 updates!



💻 Hassle-free GraphQL on FaaS

GraphQL in a Nutshell

💻 Auto-scaling APIs in seconds


Why use Express with FaaS?

💻 Runtime Secret Decryption with Golang & Node.js

💬 King of Serverless Compute?

Cloud Run Overview by Google Cloud Platform

🐳 Containers

🥚 Dependencies

💻 Same problems, same solution

PopOS! Img by Kate Hazen

Lenovo ThinkPad E485

Installing PopOS 19.04

💬 Google Next 19 in a Nutshell

Image from Google Cloud Platform

📈 Scaling Behaviour (Max Instances)

James Hegedus

GCP, Firebase, Sveltejs & Deno fan! @jthegedus on all platforms.

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